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Kristin D. Fundalinski, Graphic Designer

Kristin D. Fundalinski

My Mission

I aim to provide a range of design services and do so with professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication. My goal is to make the design process enjoyable for my clients, to simply make their marketing materials look ascetically pleasing and set them apart from their competitors.

Professional Profile

I’ve been a professional graphic designer since 1996.  I specialize in marketing materials, corporate identity, and commercial photography.  I have a strong visual sense and complete understanding of composition and layout.  I have a strong understanding of how to create consistent designs and see the bigger picture of how everything will look as a whole.


What makes me someone you’d want to work with?

Simply put, I’m a nice person and a good worker.  I’m the type of person who works hard, has good energy, effectively communicates, is adaptable, self-reliant, and has good work ethics and professionalism.

My professionalism stems from having entrepreneur (Professional Photographer) parents, who understand the value of repeat clients.  Being a Martial Artist has taught me the value of having good energy, confidence, perseverance, being adaptable, and working as a team.  My efforts to always give sincere appreciation, and have good communication, comes from adopting the principles I learned in The Dale Carnegie Course for Effective Communications.  My experience as a freelance designer has helped me become someone who is able to take ownership, be self-reliant, dependable, and organized.

If these are characteristics that you are looking for in a graphic designer, then please feel free to contact me.

You can see examples of my work on my portfolio page.

What I Believe

My professional philosophy is that the first step in making a company look like a leader, is to create a strong and consistent corporate style. If a company doesn’t have a consistent look, it confuses the consumer, because it makes the company look like they don’t have their act together.
I firmly believe that in order to be a good designer, one has to be a good communicator.  A design only has about 3 seconds to be an effective piece, get across a message, and pull someone in.  If a designer isn’t a “direct communicator”, then it will just frustrate the viewer, as well as their client. 
A brand is not just the logo of a company, it is the image, identity and the personality of a company in the consumers mind. 


  • “Kristin is an outstanding graphic designer. She has a strong understanding of design principles and can quickly develop powerful images / designs that convey a clear marketing message. I have had the opportunity to be Kristin’s manager and found her easy to work with and she was always willing to try new approaches. I highly recommend Kristin and would hire her in a NYC minute.” — Aric Gervelis, Aric & Associates

  • “I first met Kristin in college, where we were in the same design program. Years after our graduation, I reached out to Kristin to see if she was accepting freelance jobs, which she was. I gave her a number of projects to design and manage. I live in Virginia, and she was able to complete the work remotely. The design work was always strong and executed as requested. I trusted her professional demeanor enough to have her join me on client phone calls. I reduced her workload once I hired a full time person locally, it was not because of her performance. I highly recommend her for any design role.” — John Romeo, John Romeo and Associates

  • “Very talented, creative, easy to work with! I would highly recommend Kristin!” — Colleen Cavanaugh, Gateway Printing & Graphics

  • “Kristin is an outstanding photographer. Her pictures make the impossible come to life. She uses this accomplishment with her design an various layouts for her customers . Yes you can’t go wrong with choosing her for her work ability to design whatever you need. She would be a great asset for your company.” — Bart Taggart, Fine Artist Client.

  • “You had taken this company to new heights with your designs.” — Paul Dedrick, Buffalo Games, Inc.

  • “Kristin stays current in both trends and skills. I fed her a tremendous volume and scope of projects, some of which were frankly unreasonable. She never complained about deadlines or workload and always took personal ownership and responsibility for her work as it related to our goals. She is loyal, trustworthy and personable. Kristin can be intimidating as she has such powerful direction and talent. She will consider every input, but if she ever becomes stubborn, I know it is because she is right. She always put the best face on our product line and it was a pleasure and privilege to work with her. She is the most talented graphic artist with whom I’ve ever worked and I count myself fortunate to know her.” — Don Scott, Independent Design Consultant


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