How Tae Kwon-do Has Changed My Life – Stand Up

Martial Arts has given me the will to keep fighting, keep persevering, and keep a sense of peace…

How Tae Kwon-do Has Changed My Life – Perseverance

Perseverance is one of the “tenets”, or principles, that is encouraged while learning Martial Arts. It basically means that you don’t give up. You push through, even when it’s hard. I genuinely don’t think I understood what perseverance meant, until I was faced with … Continued

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Your First Idea is Sometimes the Best One!

I’ve created many concept graphics over the years. Some are just sketches in my book, others are random ones I wanted to test out, and of course there are the ones that hadn’t been chosen as project finalists. Through these … Continued

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Reasons to hire me

Learn what would make me a great addition to your company, with this fun infographic about me.

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What is an Infographic?

In layman’s terms, infographics are basically a creative way to make data and charts pleasing to the eye. An infographic may consist of…

Promote Yourself

As a professional in the world of advertising I can definitely say there is a difference in success between someone who self promotes and one who does not…

How Tae Kwon-do Has Changed My Life

Tae Kwon-do has changed my life for the better, physically, mentally, and spiritually…

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Don’t Skimp on Photos

Quality photos will set you aside from your competitors and help get your products noticed.

Vector vs Pixel

Use the right tool for the job, when designing your logo.

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