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Technical Drawings and Modeling

I’m very detail oriented and have always liked creating technical drawings and drafting.  Some times I’ve used this skill for things such as drafting plans for my own deck, rafting plans for products, diagrams, and maps.  When constructing anything I always draw up plans and get as technical as I can.  Making models helps to work out the kicks and avoid issues, when produce it for real.


Technical Drawing of Buildings for Marketing Materials

River Art Gallery and Gifts, Webster Street, N. Tonawanda NY 

Job:  River Art Gallery and Webster Street
Type: Technical Drawing
Client:  River Art Gallery and Gifts

River Art Gallery is known locally as the “Tall pink building” in North Tonawanda, NY.  I wanted to capitalize on that notion and utilize it on marketing materials, so I created a technical drawing of the building and it’s block on Webster Street.



Deck Plans and Construction

deck plans


Deck model with our pet newt crawling on it

Deck prototype 2009

When it came time to build a deck, I not only drew up a detailed plan, created a prototype out of balsa wood, just to make sure that as many kinks are worked out beforehand.


Construction of deck supports

Project: 3-Teir Deck Design
Materials: Trex Composite Board, Treated Lumber, brakets, deck screws
Software: Adobe Illustrator


Patio Sectional Sofa Plans and Construction


Sectional technical plans

Sofa Sectional

Project: Patio Sectional Sofa
Materials: Trex Composite board, deck screws
Software: Adobe Illustrator


Wind Chime Plans and Construction

Wind Chime - Industrial Zen © Kristin D. Fundalinski


Industrial Zen - Wind Chimes ©Kristin D. Fundalinski

Project: Wind Chimes
Materials: Aluminum tubes, stained glass, copper washers, fishing line
Software: Adobe Illustrator




Technical Drawings

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