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I’ve had a long love for using my hands and tools very early on. At the age of 5 I was constructing Star Wars utility belts out of the styrofoam meat comes on. By 15 I was constructing Transformers out of cardboard and foam-core.

I love constructing things. My favorite design tools are the X-Acto Knife (Retract-A-Knife), the utility knife (Alltrade 150003 Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife), cork back steel ruler, and any Dahle Rotary Trimmers

I’ve prototyped things such as gift card holders, packaging, mailers, flyers, 12-month calendars, catalogs, etc. I even prototyped my deck out of balsa wood.


Prototype of business card

For a designer, like myself, prototyping is second nature. It’s a way for me to work out the kinks, check composition, check the sizing of type/fonts, and see something in real life/size.

A non-designer recently told me “Why do you have to cut things out?… just put away the cutter for a few weeks”. It became apparent that they really didn’t understand designers, nor the rational of prototyping



Transformer our of cardboard and foam-core, 1988

Job: Transformers Decepticon Mini-Cassettes
Type: Prototyping (for fun)

Back in mid 80’s, when the Transformers Mini-Cassettes were huge, I decided to have some fun and construct them out of cardboard and foam-core. Needless to say I was not the type of girl who played with Barbies 🙂


Transformer our of cardboard, 1988

Decepticon Laserbeak – made out of cardboard


Transformer our of foam-core, 1988

Decepticon Ravage – made out of foam-core


Marker Holder, 1994

Marker Holder, 1994
In college I constructed a marker holder out mat-board, because frankly the ones I had seen in stores were ridiculously priced. Anything I could make myself, I did. That continued on throughout college and my career. Some of my colleagues even called me “MacGyver” 🙂




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